New trends in semiclassical analysis

Domaine de Chal├Ęs - December 5-9 2016

Semiclassical analysis is a powerful tool that can be successfully used in different areas of Mathematics. The main aim of this workshop is to bring together people with either an expertise in semiclassical technics and/or in domains where these methods can be applied such as, for instance, spectral geometry or the analysis of PDE.

This workshop will be partially supported by the ANR programs GERASIC on spectral geometry, graphs and semiclassics and SRGI on subriemannian geometry.

It follows that semiclassical analysis is here understood in a very broad sense and that among recent research directions that would find place in this workshop we can mention quantum ergodicity and its generalizations, nodal domains, resonances, Bohr-Sommerfeld rules, Toeplitz operators ...

We hope that this diversity of themes will make fruitful interactions between participants possible.